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Saturday, November 22, 2008

12 Movement Fundamentals

The Principles of Bartenieff Movement

The Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS) has been training movement observers, teachers, and coaches for thirty years.

These 12 basic principles are an asset to anyone interested in improving communication skills through effective movement. At The Prism Centre we apply all of these principles through the Brain Dance in all our classes, to children of all ages and developments.

Check them out and try them today!!

1. Connectivity – The whole body is connected

2. Breath Support – Breath brings life and movement

3. Grounding – The earth provides a support, a ground for Being and moving.

4. Developmental Progression – Basic body connections are patterned through a stage-specific developmental sequence. –

The Movement Fundamentals :
A) Breath
B) Core to Distal
C) Head to Tail
D) Upper to Lower
E) Body Half
F) Cross Lateral

5. Intent – Intent organizes the neuromuscular system.

6.Complexity – Movement is multifaceted, orchestrating Body/Effort/Shape/Space.

7. Inner-Outer – Movement is meaningful. Outer reflects inner. Inner reflects Outer.

8. Function-Expression – Function and expression integrate to create meaning in movement.

9. Stability-Mobility – Stabilizing and mobilizing elements interact continuously to produce effective movement.

10. Exertion-Recuperation – Exertion-Recuperation is a natural cycle which replenishes movement vitality.

11. Phrasing – Movement happens in phrases. The preparation and initiation determine the entire course of the phrase.

12. Personal Uniqueness – Patterning is an adventure. There is no one pathway for all persons to achieve full movement functioning.

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kkbradleyns said...

The new website for LIMS is labaninstitute.org